Who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

By this time, the Pakistani Army itself had used close to 80 percent of its ammunition. This was confirmed in official British secret transcripts declassified in 2003.

who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

In March of 1971, an East Pakistan political party won the election, and West Pakistan chose not to recognize the results. India then called in its air force to target the Pakistani attack in the southern sector. Due to the violence in Bangladesh, many of its residents sought refuge in India.

Among them, the infamous Blood telegram from the U. Nevertheless, India did not declare war against Pakistan - instead, Mr Vajpayee ambigously announced a "war-like situation".

Indo-Pakistan Wars - 1947, 1965, 1971, And 1999

An estimated 50,000 rounds of ammunition were expended and a large number of soldiers and civilians killed. Load comments. In 1954 Jammu and Kashmir's accession to India was ratified by the state's constituent assembly.

who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

The Indian forces launched a counterattack in the south, recapturing Jhanger and Rajauri. The United States , a long and close ally of Pakistan, continued to ship arms and supplies to West Pakistan. The war was the second fought between India and Pakistan over the region of Kashmir.

who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

In direct violation of the Congress-imposed sanctions on Pakistan, Nixon sent military supplies to Pakistan and routed them through Jordan and the Shah-ruled Iran.

Indian sources, however, claim as many as 800-900 commandos were airdropped, though that figure is probably for the duration of whole war. The battle plans drafted by the Ministry of Defence and General Chaudhari, did not specify a role for the Indian Air Force in the order of battle.

Pakistan refused to recognize Jammu and Kashmir as an Indian state.

Indo-Pakistani Wars

Bengali leaders accused the government for not providing adequate security for East Pakistan, even though large sums of money were taken from the east to finance the war. They established a reign of terror and drove out almost all the Hindus from the valley before the Indian army moved in to flush them out. India began providing support, including weapons and training, for the Mukti Bahini, and began shelling military targets in East Pakistan.

September 6 is celebrated as Defense Day in Pakistan, commemorating the successful defense of Sailkot against the Indian army.

India-Pakistan partition 1947

It also resulted in the destruction of two destroyers and one minesweeper, and was followed by the successful Operation Python. Indian forces, rapidly airlifted to Srinagar managed to defeat the irregular forces on the outskirts of the town.

who won 1947 indo pak war 1971

These were:. The war was heading for a stalemate, with both nations holding territory of the other.