Where is pilot school located in nigeria

Nigerian Airforce graduates ten new Pilots

You will need just two weeks to finish this course. Application forms are obtained after these requirements are met, and after the submission of the form, credentials will be screened and qualified candidates will be contacted.

where is pilot school located in nigeria

If you want to enter the best institution which trains pilots, then become a student of the NCAT. This Nigerian aviation provides the aviation industry with professionals and other personnel through training and related services for safe transportation.

The school has three faculties offering diverse aviation courses. You can visit them at Nigerian college of aviation technology Zaria Kaduna.

where is pilot school located in nigeria

For those seeking to enroll into this college, you must be 17 years of age, must at least have 5 credit in Maths, Physics, English, Geography and other subject which is the admission requirement into IAC. Aviation schools in Nigeria have opened their arms in order to welcome new students this year.

[Latest!] Top 6 Aviation School In Nigeria For Flight Training

University of Ibadan School Fees. This is another accredited aviation school that is considered the best in Lagos, Nigeria.

where is pilot school located in nigeria

It includes about 44 Aviation courses and 34 other courses. The training and education offered in this aviation school have been made flexible in such a way that irrespective of your work schedule it will meet your needs. After the written and oral selection interview, successful candidates then required to undergo an aeromedical examination from any Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Authorized Aeromedical Examiner.

Remember to always share, like and drop your comments in the comment section. The duration of courses can vary from two months up to two years.

At successful completion, you will have earned your IFR rating and be able to command a single-engine aircraft solo in IFR conditions.

This school has proven itself to be not only prestigious but the best among the rest. Professional and highly qualified instructors help to teach various aviation specializations. It was founded in 1964 and also known to be the first flight school in Nigeria. Our flight school students have unlimited access to English tutoring to develop Aviation English skills during Ground School training. Our pilot program has already served numerous Nigerian students, helping them to reach their dream airline job.

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Flying School Courses

Additionally, there are other training courses that focus on other aspects of aviation such as aircraft maintenance engineering, aeronautical telecommunications engineering, air traffic services and communication. If you have a dream to fly, then continue reading!

where is pilot school located in nigeria

If you know any other top school of aviation in Nigeria and their fees that offer pilot training not listed here, you can add it by making use of the comment section.