Where does the mustachio gang go

To get the guy with the sombrero out, shoot the root beer.

where does the mustachio gang go

Try to avoid being shot. Do you realize that you can now shoot peas? Aim your arrow high up but not vertically up and raise the meter to about half.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Where are the pieces of the map to El Mustachio's hideout on wild west island?

where does the mustachio gang go

After beating the game, you will receive the spud gun. Go to the far left and enter the area where the star is.

How to defeat el mustachio?

Hop on your horse and chase after him. She will give you an old saddle and she'll also ask you for help one more time, and you should do that if you want to get a rattlesnake wrangler. To get the girl out of her hiding spot, shoot the bag on top of the safe that she's hiding behind.

Where does the el mustachio gang hide on poptropica? For the guy with the Orange beard, shoot the gun lying under the cow head. Also if you dismount your balloon or follower will return but if you mount again, it will remain where you mounted.

Leave town on either side. It's like the jeep in Cryptids Island Tip: How do you beat the mustachio's gang in the shootout?

His head will shrink to normal and he will give you the other half of the map to the hideout. Otherwise, you lose a card. Then he'll run away. Take him to Diamond Plains. Grab them, and go left to the door with the lock. Then shoot. Leave that room, and go to Rock Ridge.

Wld West Island: Do you need help? Here’s the walkthrough! With pictures!

Go right, and R. Push the crate over to the ladder and hop onto it, then climb the ladder. What are the gangs in El Paso Texas?