When to trim plants

Pruning out older growth can also encourage newer, more lush and vibrant growth. Growing greens isn't hard.

Why You Should Stop Pruning Your Garden in the Fall

But get over this pruning obsession — few plants other than fruit trees actually require it, and most gardeners do too much, not too little," McGrath contends. Three Ways to Prune Rhododendrons Find out how to maintain, shape, or rejuvenate rhododendrons to keep them healthy and attractive.

when to trim plants

Matt - The Plant Doctor. Deborah Brown, University of Minnesota Extension horticulturist www.

How and When to Prune Which Plants

They may appear loose or straggling, falling off different areas of the plant. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4. The notion that you can plant perennials once and then have a maintenance-free garden forever is an incorrect notion.

when to trim plants

Note that new shoots will grow in the direction the bud is pointing. Spring-flowering Shrubs. Never make the mistake of cutting off the top of a tree's canopy to reduce its size. Resources Our thanks to: Thin, delicate houseplants will need more water than succulents.

when to trim plants

They should be made as close to this junction as possible. Watch the video… How to Prune an Old Apple Tree Pruning can bring an old apple tree back to health and let you reap the fruit of your labor.

when to trim plants

Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts, including branches, buds, leaves, blooms and roots. Watersprouts that shoot up from main "scaffold" branches E.

when to trim plants

Pruning Subshrubs Subshrubs such as lavender, sage, thyme, and wormwood require special pruning techniques to keep them looking good. If the soil does not feel damp, the plants need water. Instead of making heading cuts, use your thumb and forefinger to pinch off the new, light-colored growths while they're still soft. You can also take off really low branches that could interfere with foot traffic or lawnmowers.

How to Prune Small Trees and Shrubs

Improper pruning practices can make this even worse. Fine Gardening Magazine. How to Prune a Sick Hedge.