What yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

Answered Where can I find the head "till death do us part" and the skin "all seeing eye"? Answered How do I solve the hidden quest "this all sounds so familiar..

what yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

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What's Yours Is Mine

If, like me, you find their descriptions somewhat lacking, here is a video demonstrating how to get them. It is possible to deactivate some of the mines by rushing at them at a full sprint and hitting the switch before they explode, but some have switches facing away from obvious approaches, and require a stealthier approach.

what yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

There are mines which are red in appearance and then there are those which are pink. Forgot your username or password? To win means to make victims of your opponents and give birth to hatred. You have to be crouched and you can't move in more than short bursts. The mine is near the automatic boundary turret. The Borderlands Wiki has a list.

Defiant-Talon Defiant-Talon 6 years ago 2 They're just like the Crimson Lance mines all over the Tundra Express zone, but their color is slightly off Tina's mines are pink and white, Lance mines are red and black , and instead of being quiet until you literally touch them, they actually have a motion detection system on them, to tell you if you're approaching too fast, in which case you'll make it blow up, thus forcing you to restart the challenge.

what yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

Furious1964 Furious1964 6 years ago 1 How do you disarm those mines? Don't have an account?

what yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

Just saw that in the wiki page. There is a burning barrel and a few crates not far from it.

Borderlands 2 What's Yours is Mine challenge guide

Only the pink ones have switches. Log In Sign Up.

what yours is mine borderlands 2 challenge

Log In Sign Up. Here are their locations as best as I can describe them. Image East Gallery of mini-map images to demonstrate locations: Sign up for free!

Till now i only found out 3 of them, one near the bridge leading to end of line, another one is between varkid's spawn and tina's place right side of the map. When to get the weapons in Normal Mode? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.