What is scaphoid bone fracture

Lower the weight back to the starting position. Hold a hammer tightly in your hand with the head of the hammer away from your body.

Scaphoid Fractures

An x-ray will also help your doctor determine if you have any other fractures. Greene WB. Read the full article.

what is scaphoid bone fracture

Treatment for a scaphoid fracture can range from casting to surgery, depending on the fracture's severity and location on the bone.

Normal anatomy of the hand and wrist.

what is scaphoid bone fracture

Local tenderness, swelling, and pain elicited with wrist extension. Your doctor will monitor your healing with periodic x-rays or other imaging studies. This triangular depression is defined by the extensor and abductors of the thumb, and is easily visible when the wrist is partially ulnar deviated and the thumb abducted and extended. Your doctor will examine your wrist.

Humpback Deformity of the Scaphoid

Because portions of the scaphoid have a poor blood supply—and a fracture can further disrupt the flow of blood to the bone—complications with the healing process are common. Local tenderness, abnormal radiographs. Other studies have shown that MRI might be better than scintigraphy because the former is more sensitive and specific.

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This is the most common location for a fracture. Arch Emerg Med. Diagnosis Scaphoid fractures are usually diagnosed by an x-ray of the wrist; however, x-rays do not always show scaphoid fractures.

what is scaphoid bone fracture

Figure 4. Sign up and learn how to better take care of your body. Bend at the wrist moving your palm up. Close your fingers over the ball and squeeze it tightly for 5 seconds.

what is scaphoid bone fracture