What does the senate do

It is considered to be a more powerful body than the lower chamber, the House of Representatives. In 2010 Chris Coons won a special election to complete the term. In July 2013 Ed Markey won a special election to complete the term.

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US political system: How does it work? Senate, House of Representatives and more explained

In 2013 the Senate rule for invoking cloture was reinterpreted to permit cloture by majority vote for debate regarding all presidential nominations except those to the Supreme Court, and in 2017 the rule was similarly reinterpreted for Supreme Court nominations.

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what does the senate do

So here is our attempt at a quick civics lesson. Duties of the office. While the House of Representatives has the power to recommend impeachment of a sitting president, vice president or other civic officials such as a judge for "high crimes and misdemeanors," as written in the Constitution, the Senate is the sole jury once impeachment goes to trial.

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About the United States Senate

The role of the Senate was conceived by the Founding Fathers as a check on the popularly elected House of Representatives. Issues U.

what does the senate do

Kavanaugh if the Democrats won a House majority. Constitution U.

what does the senate do

US Election 2016: The fact that all states are represented equally in the Senate regardless of their size reflects the federal character of the American union. The Senate also adjudicates impeachment proceedings initiated in the House of Representatives, a two-thirds majority being necessary for conviction. The chair of each committee is a member of the majority party.

Vote '18: What Does a U.S. Senator Do?

In terms of presidential succession, the speaker of the House is second in line, after the vice president. He or she will usually set out a legislative agenda at the annual State of the Union adress, which both houses attend. The U.

The Senate and the House of Representatives: lesson overview

Its Appropriations Committee acts as a kind of court of appeal from the House Appropriations Committee. But on perhaps the biggest issue — that of impeachment — the outlook remains largely unchanged.

Two presidents, Andrew Johnson , and Bill Clinton have been tried; both were acquitted.