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Is it not that which is collected? It is not following a certain religion that makes one spiritual, or having a certain belief, or being a fanatic in regard to one idea, or by becoming too good to live in this world. Neither the productive forces had progressed so much that the end of feudalism became inevitable and nor a consciousness of their historic character was created among the workers whose task it is to bring the socialist revolution even now this consciousness is not there. Whatever different interests people may have, their only real inclination is to find the meaning of life.

People of the same thought and point of view are drawn to each other with a tendency to form an exclusive circle. He learned from everyone, the great and the lowly, the wise and the foolish, the old and the young. The Spiritual Significance of Color and Sound 8.

Inayat Khan: On Sufism

Once a materialist said to me: M usic is the miniature of the whole harmony of the universe, for the harmony of the universe is music itself, and man, being the miniature of the universe, must show the same harmony.

I believe in eternal matter. Freedom is the object of all esoteric schools, but one must not make the mistake of thinking that one can begin with that which is the end. Where does the dance come from? When there is no appreciation, no receptivity, man sinks like a piece of iron to the bottom of the sea.

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When man is not conscious of soul and spirit, and is only conscious of the material being, he is dense, he is away from spirit. Seemingly, this movement was no more than the waves of a pebble in the closed water of some small pond, but the Sufi was unaware of the reality that the energy of stormy surges is hidden in these waves which have the ability to emerge and wash away the whole feudal system like sticks and sprigs.

The Beloved Ones of God are even as God, impervious to religious dogmas and principles. Sufism cannot be called deism, for the Sufi does not consider God as an entity separate from oneself. What did Jesus teach when he said to the fishermen, 'Come hither, I will make you fishers of men? This is the reason that the peasants of Sindh could not own the selfless struggle of the fakirs as their struggle.

Vol. 2, The Mysticism of Sound and Music

To expect liberty in the beginning is to be like the seed thinking, I must be a tree at once and bear fruit. The wise, whatever their faith, have always been able to meet each other beyond those boundaries of external forms and conventions, which are natural and necessary to human life, but which none the less separate humanity. That is not a thing to dispute about, because we both believe in eternity.

But the greater number consider that it arose contemporary to the teaching of Zoroaster. It gives us the power of discrimination and of discerning differences.

For instance, the green color is the national color of the Irish, but that does not mean that everybody who dresses in green is from Ireland. It is of great use.

Thus in either a material or a spiritual way every soul is striving for what it longs for all the time, each in its own particular way. Sufism cannot be called occultism, for the Sufi does not give any importance to the investigation of phenomena; seeing the brevity of life, a Sufi deems that a worthless pursuit: Alas that the mention of the invasions of Muhammad ibn Qasim, Mahmud Ghaznavi and Ahmad Shah Abdali is made with great emphasis in history textbooks, but our new generation in both Pakistan and India is not even aware of the name of Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed.

Some Oriental writers have patriotically called it an outcome of Islam in order to secure the credit for their own religion, while some Occidental writers have attempted to win it for Christianity.