What does failure free survival meanings

what does failure free survival meanings

The survival in question is being free of the disease, which is an even more positive outcome than simply still being alive.

Disease-free survival is often used with the term overall survival when cancer survival is described. There was an error.

what does failure free survival meanings

Continue Reading. Questions to Ask about Your Treatment. When you see the term disease-free survival used you will see the disease in question, the treatment being tested, the period of time, and the percentage of study participants who were disease-free at the end of that time period. It is the percentage of individuals in the treatment group who are likely to be free of the signs and symptoms of a disease after a specified duration of time.

The term is used in many different research studies to measure the effectiveness of a treatment or procedure.

Advanced Cancer and Caregivers.

Disease-Free Survival (DFS)

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The treatment being tested may be effective for that time period, but the disease may still come back later. Support for Caregivers. Choices for Care. Very often, two treatment strategies are compared on the basis of the disease-free survival that is achieved in similar groups of patients.

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Engraftment Syndrome. Disease-free survival rates are an indication of how effective a particular treatment is. Legislative History.

what does failure free survival meanings