What causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Case Reports in Otolaryngology

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what causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Arterial vasospasm following FESS is rare. Hwang, T. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account.

Effects of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on Intraocular Pressure

Statistical analysis. The mean IOP of the eyes on the side of the operated-on sinus was 13.

what causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Your name. By using the Kruskal-Wallis test, the P value of.

what causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Lang, J. Intraocular Pressure and Aqueous Humor Dynamics. The extraocular and choroidal vessels are autonomically innervated. Retinal vasospasm may also occur in patients with migraines or migraine risk factors [ 6 ]. Expert opinion found a breach in the standard of care around the process of consent.

what causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Patients with autoimmune diseases have perhaps an increased risk for vasospasm secondary to an increased vasoreactive profile. Our patient underwent topical decongestion with oxymetazoline Afrin.

The Complications of Sinus Surgery

Thirty patients 20 men and 10 women participated in the study. The IOP elevation results in corneal edema, iris atrophy, cataract, and optic nerve atrophy. You will receive a prescription for narcotic pain medication that will be needed for 2-3 days. This medication, although not previously documented for the treatment of ophthalmic artery vasospasm, should be considered as an alternative treatment or in addition to standard calcium channel blockers therapy.

what causes eye pain after sinus surgery

Suggested links Based on the pages you visit, we'll also provide useful links under the 'More' tab. Choroidal and optic nerve circulation involvement in vasospastic syndrome has been previously described. However, there have been several documented cases of ophthalmic artery vasospasm following FESS thought to be secondary to direct injection of epinephrine into the ethmoidal artery [ 5 ]. Yuen, and J. No patient had a postoperative IOP greater than 30 mm Hg.

Stammberger, and J.