Weber go-anywhere portable bbq review

Weber Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal BBQ Review

Pin 15. I am in love with this BBQ!

weber go-anywhere portable bbq review

This little baby is the one I love the best. This is my favourite coal style portable bbq that I have ever owned. Meanwhile, the cooking surface does a reasonable job of spreading the heat, but the edges are definitely cooler than the center. Caveman Skills. It is great to try out different smoke flavors with rosemary, olive wood etc.

Great for all your standard meats such lamb chops, steaks.. Tallinn to Riga — Sights ….

weber go-anywhere portable bbq review

Due to the simple design of the weber it is really easy to clean and its compact design is really handy if you don't have much space when camping. Previous versions of this grill had a Weber flavorizer plate — basically a metal shield that covered the bottom — and a wire-type grate.

Date Purchased Mar 2017. Date Purchased Dec 2017.

weber go-anywhere portable bbq review

Similar listings. When it comes to barbeques, there is only really one brand that I associate with top of the range. Portable, light and durable. Hydro Flask Coffee Mug ….

weber go-anywhere portable bbq review

I almost forgot to mention one of the cleavest and most ingenious features of the Weber BBQ, the legs. Activities For A Rainy …. Really good BBQ. It takes a while to get it lit with the fire starters, and we needed to learn how full to make it with the bbq coals - but it was worth it. Everything around the cave from BBQ, hunting, fishing and organizing so you can watch less and do more.

Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill Review

Its got these two curved legs that when rotated downwards life the barbeque off the ground, protecting the surface your cooking on from getting burnt and keeping your food elevated and a bit more hygienic.

Highly recommended. Flavour is great on it, only complaint would be the lid could be a little taller as even a small whole chicken only just fits for roasting however a split chicken is quite easily done...

Unable to find one anywhere I decided to try the weber go anywhere and am very pleased with it so far. Weird Fish Macaroni Sweatshirt — 25 ….