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Chris Condayan: Indeed, the GI system has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system. If the danger is not resolved and the immune battles must rage on, the mitochondria begin the complicated process of reallocating resources until the battle is won or the decision is made to institute what can only be described as suicide — cell death.

Link doesn't work anymore and we used it in the school where I teach. Mitochondria are interesting little buggers, having evolved from the very parasites our immune system sought to protect us against. Hydrogenosomes are organelles that are….

those who dig mitochondrial

A very interesting read. Hey, fun song!

those who dig mitochondrial

This one on the awesome mitochondrion! Magnesium, CoQ10, L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid and others are also important. That chorus is kind of addicting. When danger is resolved, normal functioning can resume.

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It illustrated DNA transcription. My four year old caught onto the chorus and was singing right along. Please, please repost this song. When we consider the mitochondrial influence on GI motility, their influence on uterine function is not difficult to imagine. I dare you.

those who dig mitochondrial

Hormones Matter needs funding now. Here is the demo mp3 for your listening pleasure might be best with headphones , and the lyrics reprinted for all to see below: The question becomes, from where does the dysfunction originate and how can it be fixed or healed? Fibromyalgia would certainly fall into this quite comfortably! OK sorry for the lack of updates. More like this Buckminsterfullerene: How about a song about tagmosis or even cephalization?

those who dig mitochondrial

But some viruses and bacteria merged with our ancestors over the course of billions of years, and if you were to have them removed…. In contrast, if one characterizes immune function by its ability to protect and sustain life by fending off dangers or threats to survival, be they self or non-self, it does not matter, then we can be open to finding causes for those failed battles.

How this might happen molecularly provides some intriguing possibilities. And so, in many ways, the mitochondria evolved as part of a cooperative and collaborative ecosystem; one in which they sense and communicate danger to the rest of the organism, and if need be, initiate the final death programs; something, they should be loath to do, since their survival depends entirely on host survival.

I have an inkling that endometriosis, the excessive growth of endometrial cells first within the uterus and then in regions of the body where they ought not be, is a protective mechanism, albeit an aberrant and problem causing one, that indicates increased mitogenesis and cell growth as a compensatory reaction to some original mitochondrial inadequacy. Sure, changes in gut microbiota and function are apparent and often related and certainly immune dysregulation is a component of these illnesses, but the underlying connection among these disturbances seems inevitably and inextricably linked to dysfunctional mitochondria as the central hub of illness.