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The New Division of Labor , Gini coefficient , Gunnar Myrdal , income inequality , industrial robot , invisible hand , job automation , Joseph Schumpeter , low skilled workers , lump of labour , manufacturing employment , moral hazard , oil shock , pattern recognition , Paul Samuelson , performance metric , positional goods , post-industrial society , postindustrial economy , Powell Memorandum , purchasing power parity , refrigerator car , rent control , Richard Feynman , Richard Feynman , Ronald Reagan , shareholder value , Silicon Valley , Simon Kuznets , Stephen Hawking , Steve Jobs , The Spirit Level , too big to fail , trickle-down economics , Tyler Cowen: Until the seventeenth century, people could only imagine white swans because all swans ever seen had possessed white feathers.

Kahneman himself is not guilty of this: Government rules make the market, and they powerfully shape how, and in whose interests, it operates. International Institute for Management Development, 2013. The Common Thread.

corporate governance

When I made partner, I made it with a corporate governance business case, which was unique. Financial Statecraft: It is quite possible that two things may behave similarly just by coincidence. Adolf Berle, who lectured on industrial finance between 1924 and 1927, at which point he decamped for Columbia Law School.

The Impact of the Highly Improbable. Michael, 114 Cramer, James, 31 creativity, unwelcome by employers, 76 cronyism, 224 Current Population Survey, 89, 115 customer service, stinkiness of, 55—56 Davos Man, 177 day trading, 190 debt, consumer, 5 debt crisis, 182,209,221, 222 decommodification, 136 deflation, 228 delinking, 170 democracy, market, 22-24 depreciation, 59—60 deregulation, 152 derivatives, 192 development finance, changes in, 222 differentiahst racism, 172 DiFranco,Ani, 183 263 direct investment, 176—177 discrimination, 94—101 New Economy and, 101-103 international comparisons, 101-102 diversity, lack of, 233 dividends, source of, 203 domestic labor, 29 Dornbusch, Rudi, 3 downsizing, 215 drug development, ad agencies and, 235 Dudley, Barbara, 162 Durning.

Gray, Tobias E. Essays in Honor of Gilbert Geis, ed. The Economist, "Negative Outlook.

Mathematics of the Financial Markets: Sociometry, 20, 253—270 1957. This tax would not be as well-targeted on wasteful speculative trades as a transactions-based speculation tax, but its ease of implementation means that a progressive legislature in any state could tap a major new source of revenue at the expense of the financial sector.

I worked closely with partners and senior partners, and it was a relatively flat organization, so I doubt that the behavior or culture was much different at other levels.

So paradoxically, the cut and thrust private sector has done better than the public sector at increasing the levels of trust needed in the changed economy. The primary drawback of the financial models taught in most MBA programs is Uncertainty: Levitt, Stephen J.

According to this interpretation of events, not only can increased dividends be explained by tax-rate changes, so can a decline in corporate malfeasance.

The agents, or managers, were not properly accountable to the principals, or stockholders, because corporate governance was rudimentary.

Paradoxes of Prosperity. But I argue corporate governance would not enable managers to do this.

Black Swan

Shaxson, N. Whatever we call them, such ventures present us with a headache. New Haven: Baker and T.