Permissiveness occurs when ligaments

Furthermore, the osteoclastic activity peaked at 8 days of ligation. Advanced Search. On the other hand, only a sudden drop of intensity with no peak at the PDL-bone attachment site was shown Figures 6 a2 , 6 a4 , 6 b2 , 6 b4 , 6 c2 , 6 c4 , and Figure S2. Suba, F. View at Google Scholar C. Morphometric comparisons of control and ligated bone-PDL-cementum complexes, including changes in collagen birefringence.

Consequently, the fibril diameter shows unimodal distribution, in contrast with the bimodal pattern observed in regularly exercised lean animals. The glucagon receptor structure: Cumulative effects of hypercholesterolemia on tendon biomechanics in a mouse model.

You must accept the terms and conditions. Nozaki, M. This finding adds to our knowledge about the pathogenesis of diabetic tendinopathy.

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However, to our knowledge, no clinical tendinopathies have been described in this disease [ 88 ]. Load-bearing tendons, such as the Achilles and patellar tendons, are more frequently affected, and plantar fasciitis is commonly observed [ 28 , 68—70 ].

Similarly, the mesial ligated regions still remained smaller than the PDL-spaces of controls; however, they decreased in difference with the corresponding control regions.

A systematic review. Interestingly, xanthomatosis and atherosclerosis share these genetic abnormalities and therefore may result from the same pathophysiological mechanisms.

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To separate the effect of treatment from that of development, the average control PDL-space was subtracted from the average treated PDL-space for each region Figure 5 b. Symptomatic rotator cuff tears Fig. Representative micrographs illustrate FN immunofluorescence in apical regions of control and ligated complexes at 4, 8, and 15 days. These cells control blood glucose concentration by producing the antagonistic hormones insulin and glucagon.

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Stained sections were visualized using Eclipse E800 fluorescent microscope Nikon Inc. In a familial form of massive tendon xanthomatosis, Matsuura et al.

Howard, U.