Oblation papers wholesale party

Turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from order submission.

oblation papers wholesale party

For custom orders or to receive a quote, please contact us at design oblationpapers. Wholesale Line Oblation also offers a comprehensive wholesale letterpress card and gift line.

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Our products are printed by antique letterpress, one at a time by hand. Pages 1-16. Our process begins with original designs, tailored to your occasion. Jobs would be printed, the shop would be swept, and the inky type cleaned with kerosene then redistributed for work in the morrow.

oblation papers wholesale party

Orders may be sent via email or via our wholesale website. Papermaking is where Ron and Jennifer got their start in the business.

Behind the Scenes: Oblation Papers & Press

We offer a selection of wedding invitation and business card templates. Photo Credit: One of the most beautiful stationery stores in the country. Custom Invitation Gallery Their custom letterpress offerings include: Oblation Handmade Paper Products.

This business was founded on practicing a green approach, thank you for supporting our enthusiasm for conservation and recycling. In 1998 they opened the retail space for which they are well known within the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon.

oblation papers wholesale party

Wholesale Line. We are about the business of forming sheets in the same manner, and have been doing so for a quarter century. This historic method of printing uses raised type and images, inked and pressed into the surface of heavy papers.

oblation papers wholesale party

Oblation continues this tradition by producing their own cotton paper using recycled remnants from the garment industry. Orders may require up to three weeks for production turnaround time due to the papermaking process. What a beautiful store!

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We love making, printing on, and working with paper… the spirit shows through in this wonderful post! Please support our endeavors to make social mischief out of all those awkward and necessary lines of demarcation imposed upon …. Pages 17-25.

For hundreds of years, discarded rags and garments have been beaten and macerated, bleached and dyed, then suspended in vats of water, naturally containing lime from nearby mineral rich aquifers.

oblation papers wholesale party

For each order our production staff creates individual plates on location, prints with soy based inks, and finishes every piece by hand.