Muzahidul islam talukdar what is intellectual capital

Intellectual Property and Copyright in Islam

I have analyzed the arguments of both sides in my Arabic treatise Discussion of Contemporary Legal Issues and have preferred the second view over the first, meaning thereby that a book can be registered under the Copyright Act, and the right of its publication can also be transferred to some other person for a monetary consideration. Problems of Measuring Intellectual Capital: Singer R. However, no worldwide-agreed method of measuring intellectual capital has been developed yet.

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But a lot of propositions are being made now a- days to face this new challenge of knowledge-based economy. Trump optimistic about trade accord with China. Kelly pleads not guilty to sexual abuse of three minors. February 26, 2019. The author of a book who has worked day and night to write a book is obviously the best person who deserves its publication for commercial purposes.

Problems of Measuring Intellectual Capital: A Study on Software firms of Bangladesh

Both of these views have their own arguments. We hatefully reject this new wage," he said at a separate gathering.

The questions are: It is obvious that the concept of intellectual property on which the law of copyright is based is a new phenomenon created by the rapid progress of industry and the means of communication.

Knowledge-based value addition is increasingly constituting a greater part of the value chain. Article Identifier: News history.