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She also wore golden-ringed ear cuffs at the top and at the lobe of her left ear.

Thirteenth Doctor

Phyllis Brenan. Twice Upon a Time. The Thirteenth Doctor was passionately against murder , trying her best to subdue her opponents in a non-lethal fashion. As she continued the recollections, the Doctor settled into a new body.

Rachel Argyll. In 2016, Enemy Lines , another Big Finish audio, showed the first female-to-male regeneration. Upon her arrival, Santa told the Doctor that his sleigh had lost its magical flying power.

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Maria Bishop. Revealing her identity to the Dalek, the Doctor demanded the Dalek leave the planet while it had the chance, but it refused.

lethaby doctor who wiki

The Doctor unleashed a box of data bugs , who lived on Dhost , that destroyed the directors film equipment and put an end to his destruction spree, and his career. Nevertheless, when one of her friends had a "bad idea", she did not shy away from saying so.

Arachnids in the UK , The Tsuranga Conundrum and sought to give a second chance even to the deadliest of her foes. The Whole Thing's Bananas. In 2013, The Night of the Doctor had the Sisterhood of Karn offer the Eighth Doctor the choice of "man or woman", for his approaching regeneration. Estelle Slippery. The Doctor talks of the Corsair , a "fantastic bloke", who was also a "bad girl" in a couple of their incarnations.

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Wendy Stanton. In the end, the Doctor succeeded in uncovering the lie of the zealots, setting the record straight and brokering a lasting peace between humans and Loba.

lethaby doctor who wiki

Thinking she had walked Graham into a trap, the Doctor tried to convince him and Erik to leave, but both men refused to lose their wives again, though Graham was convinced of Grace being a fake when she reacted with indifference to Ryan's safety. Penelope Kittson. Now alone with the Doctor, the Solitract explained that it was not being malicious, but was in fact lonely and only wanted company.

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lethaby doctor who wiki