Leaf spring bushing removal how to

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leaf spring bushing removal how to

Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle to the ground. Lower the vehicle and bounce it to settle in the suspension. Investing in high quality products helps the vehicle maintain control through all high performance daily handling on different road surfaces and weather condition.

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Step 10 Button it all back up in reverse order. The time now is 09: For the back ones I was able to try the burnout method.

leaf spring bushing removal how to

Installing the new bushings Select the proper bushing to match the spring eyes you are working on and align them in the eyes. All times are GMT -7. Reassemble all the other components, insure they are fastened in place and secure.

This makes it easy to remove the outer shackle plate.

How to Install Leaf Spring Bushings

This will help during installation of the new bushings and aid in removal should they need to be replaced again. The front pin should be inserted through the bracket leaf spring eye. If any of the bushings are seized to the spring eyes this is not uncommon you may need to apply heat to free them from the spring.

Leaf Spring Bushing Replacement

The spring eye bushings have an inner sleeve surrounded by rubber and then an outer sleeve. The next ones were tougher to persuade in so I borrowed a ball joint press from a neighbor and that fit the bill.

leaf spring bushing removal how to

Attach bushings into the front and rear eyes of the leaf springs. Step 9 New bushing time. The rubber compound is fixed in the eyelet of a leaf spring.

Line up the bolt hole in the hanger with the one in the bushing. Remove the bushings from the spring eyes using a dead blow hammer and appropriately sized socket to drive the bushings free. To prevent the car coming down to fast, consider positioning the jack stand before starting to lower the vehicle.

Locate the leaf spring bracket and loosen the nuts holding it in place using socket and wrenches. Lower the jack to allow the spring eyes to drop below the hanger. I had already replaced almost everything bushing, and joint wise up front so I couldn't figure where it was coming from.

leaf spring bushing removal how to