It meant well to caesar what belongs

Jesus had previously persuaded tax collectors i. Therefore yes he avoided the question to avoid being caught in the trap but the answer he gave was of great literary and teaching meaning.

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's

Ask Question. We want roads, police force, welfare for the oppressed. It would also turn the zealots against Him. In this case the other statement about voicing appropriate criticism should also be considered. Your post taught me something I had never thought about.

What Belongs to Caesar and What Belongs to God

So they were left to marvel, and then they just left. He also said we must be shrewd and this may be a good example of that.

it meant well to caesar what belongs

Holman Bible Atlas, Ch. Similarly, when the Catechism promotes the concept of paying and not evading taxes, the idea is at least partly that it is unjust for a person to dishonestly avoid paying their fair share even though they are benefitting from the roads and infrastructure, etc.

Therefore, neither his disciples nor his enemies thought that Jesus would tell them to pay the tax. Jesus told Pilate that the Jews were burdened with greater guilt because the authority to kill Him flowed from God to them to Pilate. So it is impossible for taxes to be inefficient or for voting to be inefficient since if they were, then they could no longer be morally obligatory?

What belongs to Caesar?

A century before the birth of Jesus, Rome became the dominant force in the Mediterranean region. Thank you for your interest in this question.

it meant well to caesar what belongs

They thought he would tell the truth and were trying to make sure he gave an answer by drawing attention to his truthfulness with evil-intentioned flattery the question is not about whether it is right to pay taxes to Caesar, but about whether it is legal.

Thanks for the eye-opening Biblical commentary Father. One of them, the one we now call the First Century A. Jesus avoided their trap and denounced the popular opinion, that is the source of their amazement. Jesus response to the question, "should we pay Caesar's tax? Jesus was asked whether the Jews should pay taxes to Rome or not. If the Jews were exercising their authority they would have been recieving it from Jesus and the in depth explanation we understand now would have been taught openly to them.

it meant well to caesar what belongs

From a temporal perspective it flows up from below. It was a trick question. He simply refused the trap by giving a response which did not answer the question.

it meant well to caesar what belongs

The design of the trap is explained in the account of the incident in the Gospel of Luke Ch.