Iron maiden somewhere in time world tour

Iron Maiden: How Somewhere In Time Rejuvenated Metal's Biggest Band

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Edmonton and Regina were not far behind. We had two big hydraulic hands, which would raise up — not Spinal Tap at all!

iron maiden somewhere in time world tour

On this occasion, it was guitarist Adrian Smith who grasped the nettle, contributing three songs to the sixth Maiden album, Somewhere In Time , including its first single, the anthemic Wasted Years. Comments Bruce Dickinson, "I have been flying commercial passenger jets for Astraeus Airlines for a few years now and we are commissioning an Astraeus Boeing 757.

FEATURE FRIDAY: Lost Somewhere In Time

The idea was that the whole suit would be covered in veins that would just be pulsing the whole time so, in the end, the way they got it to work was about 30 pounds of copper wire inside a big jacket and a six-volt lead acid battery stuck in there which ran out of juice about halfway through the song! Given that several years of non-stop recording and touring had driven them — and Bruce in particular — to the brink of exhaustion, that kind of immense external pressure could easily have compelled a lesser band to take an extended hiatus or, at the very least, a brief pause.

Winnipeg and Vancouver sold out within two hours.

iron maiden somewhere in time world tour

Western Canada is included, as their five city run through Western Canada had sold out the very day they went on sale. Maiden reached the top of the world with the 1984 release of Powerslave and the ensuing world tour and 1985 document Live After Death.

IRON MAIDEN Flight 666 Completo (Subtitulado Castellano)

Could history and history tours have been different, if Somewhere In Time held a different meaning for the band? Contents [ show ]. And everybody looked at me like I had two heads!

Somewhere Back in Time World Tour

It was great except when the pressure started to go and it looked a bit like a saggy bin liner. Del dette: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In total the band are expected to play to well in excess of one and a half million fans during the whole tour. Edmonton sold out completely in a few hours. Despite having come close to collective collapse at the end of the World Slavery tour, there was no way that Steve Harris or Rod Smallwood were going to allow the band to take their foot off the gas, and so they immediately embarked on another colossal world tour to support the new album.

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iron maiden somewhere in time world tour