Infinity rs 6000 specs howard

Some folks have had problems with them, and others believe the speakers sound better without them... The "A"'s typically have the crossover board removable from the back versus coming out from the inside. Mine are exactly like Avg's too.

Those have spring clips? Infinity Ref 1. The cabs have soaked up three applications of Howard's Feed and Wax and are looking good!

To date the foams are done on all 4, parabolic woofers and caps are in transit for the x-overs. Mine also have binding posts on them. Note the three 6.

Infinity Systems RS 6000 Floorstanding Speakers

Hope you like the IIIa. Augusta, GA. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Central AR. Yours look great and much better price. Fasterdamnit , Jul 28, 2012.

Last edited: I'll be interested to see which pair of speakers stays in the two channel room, once all the dust settles. I noticed while I was refoaming that the graphite woofers have a very nice, very detailed midrange. A quick refoam and replacing the 'lytic caps with polypropylene make for a nice sounding little bookshelf.

Your XO's look totally different than mine though. In very nice cosmetic shape with rotted foams. I had a pair of Oblligato 0.

Little Infinity's- Reference One, and Big- RSIIIa's, get second chance at life!

Attached Files: Piano and bones sounded nice and airy. Discussion in ' Infinity Loudspeakers ' started by Fasterdamnit , Jul 27, 2012. I bypassed the 1100uf with some spare Dayton. Non the less I think you will like them! Finished x-over.