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That's such a sharp contrast". In years 7, 8 and 9 the Art Department teach a variety of core skills and introduce students to a variety of artists and approaches.

The children enjoy them, she says, and like pupils at Howard of Effingham, they are so often engaged.

howard of effingham teachers tv

We work collaboratively with all our partner schools, both primary and secondary, and we use this work to improve our offer to students. They enjoy learning, are excited by challenge and are genuinely great to spend time with. Keith Halsey, a physics teacher and co-ordinator of the Howard of Effingham school new virtual learning environment VLE , was tasked with surveying student pinions about language lessons. Our school-based PGCE could be for you.

This will usually result in 3 discrete projects. Even if we are not advertising quite the right fit now, please leave your details as an expression of interest and we will be in touch when a suitable vacancy arises.

howard of effingham teachers tv

You have to ask the question, though, that if so much work is on the VLE - a whole day is devoted to it - what's to stop children with a history of poor behaviour from messing around? Another school extending its opening hours is Haybridge school , near Stourbridge in Worcestershire.

Not the best of times, you would think, for any teacher to drum up a bit excitement for a student survey.

howard of effingham teachers tv

If you are just starting out as a teacher, you will be welcomed, supported and have the opportunity to develop and grow professionally in a lively, fast paced and motivating environment. She has been able to develop a series of "widgets" - small, lightweight applications that can be used as "teaching tools" - that she can use in her maths class.

Nevertheless she remains a advocate of her VLE. The latest release, launched last month, includes an application that allows pupils to upload their digital media files and then rate one another's work using a star system, similar to the one used by Apple's iTunes.

School learning platforms win over students with 'Facebook' approach

From Year 7 we also emphasise the importance of independent work. He hit "send" at a stroke past 5. Thinking of Teaching? This kind of creative thinking is clearly invaluable to employers whether in the Creative Industries or not , but more fundamentally to students' mental health, self-esteem and a sense of having a voice in the world.

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Students are placed in mixed ability teaching groups throughout KS3. As well as basic Adobe PhotoShop skills, figuration and abstraction are explored. In practical terms this means that every Monday at the school is a work-at-home day, with the VLE facilitating a range of educational activities.