How you make cootie catchers

Craft: Cootie Catchers

Featured Articles Paper Toys In other languages: If you grew up in the Ninties it's likely that you remember folding these origami fortune tellers at school! Comment Name Email Website.

how you make cootie catchers

Flip your paper over, so you are looking at the foursquare flaps. Fold your paper widthwise. Moving the flaps in and out and from side to side, spell out the name of the item your friend selected.

Learn more. We love this classic of all Paper Crafts and a must make in every childhood!

how you make cootie catchers

Now get them to pick a colour written on one of the sides. If you want to make miniature ones, don't use Post-its. This article will explain how to make a cootie catcher, also known as a paper fortune teller, chatterbox, salt cellar, or whirlybird.

How to Make an Origami Cootie Catcher!

If I chose "purple" then "4", I got "Your hair will fall out and you will die alone. Before you finish up the main shape, reassert the creases by folding the paper in half in both directions. Anything is possible when you use your imagination. Warnings These are not meant to offend any religion or religious views, these are for entertainment only.

how you make cootie catchers

There should be a rather defined center point as a result of your previous folding, so matching up the four corners in the center should be easy. Insert your fingers into the empty spaces, and you should be finished! To take it a step further, if you have different answers on the upper and lower sections you can ask them 'up or down?

How to Make a Cootie Catcher

Not Helpful 20 Helpful 38. Count to that number, opening and closing your hand for each number counted. The idea behind this project was to simplify the steps of classic paper cutting and folding activit... You could put something hilarious on it that will make you laugh. Crease well! Here are our Step By Step Instructions!