How to write a good radio jingle

Be clear and precise whenever possible!

Kevin Gunn: 5 Tips for Writing Great Radio Commercial Copy

The copy must stop them from changing that station, or get through the other thoughts they have in their head while driving. There's no set way to write a radio script, but it helps to have a few proven formats to get you started. Put your selling idea first.

It should be the star.

how to write a good radio jingle

Surprise your guest of honor with a delicious cake from Manny's Bakery! It took me twice as long just to describe the process for you. Mar 17, 2017.

how to write a good radio jingle

J John Mar 25, 2018. It was fast, easy, and inexpensive. Direct Response Radio: Radio, however, is not. When settling on a the length for your ad, you must consider your budget, creative format, and the public's familiarity with your product or service. Next post: Testimonials are reviews of the product or service given by real people. Determine how the product or service will benefit members of the target audience.

But a 60 gives you twice as much time to make your sales pitch. Before you can write effective, witty, and articulate copy, you need to learn the ins and outs of the service or product you are trying to sell. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.


Here, a spot is an interruption. One of the biggest mistakes we see all the time is assuming people care how something works before they care about what it does for them.

how to write a good radio jingle

Which company or individual provides the service? Get them to describe how it's benefited them. Later, if you run the spot again, changing the deadline is as simple as re-recording a few seconds of audio and sending the new spots to radio stations. It should dominate the creative concept fully.

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how to write a good radio jingle

It all adds up to building an authentic relationship with your listener.