How to unspool threading

Need I mention the problems with skeins… and on and on… I now have my threads on those little plastic cards made for that purpose. My baby boy 22 years old moved into his first apartment this week.

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Cut one end, then braid it. Love your blog, Debby P.

how to unspool threading

I discovered your blog not long ago and I appreciate it so much. I knew you could slide the thread tail through it to hold it but that was it.

Pull Here. No. Don’t. Aaargh.

It would be a great big help if anyone did have any suggestions or could tell me what NOT to do … God bless! Now I can embroider without the thread breaking.

how to unspool threading

I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch remember the '80s? The spindle that the thread is perched upon is the jar of peanut butter.

Basics: Threading Your Sewing Machine

I resort to the cowardly sloowwwl removal of the label, open up the skein, select a length and cut the skein in half. When facing a pull skein, think of it as going to war.

Angela Short June 26, 2017 9: I finally bought the small hair wraps that my granddaughter used and they work great. The snap spools have the end under the snap cap.

how to unspool threading

I do not know if the link will post here but I will try. The left hand will be holding a skein of floss and the right hand will be pulling a thread.

how to unspool threading

Weaver by WPWeaver. I do not do embroidery, I crochet, but boy, o boy, did I enjoy your post. Then you just cut off the length you want straight from the ball.

Teach Yourself To Sew: How To Find The Thread

Your spool is sitting there, minding it's own business and has decided to invade your peanut butter. I hope others will comment on how they like this method.

how to unspool threading