How to start e-load business philippines

Unless your phone has dual SIM capabilities, you should dedicate a phone for each carrier.

how to start e-load business philippines

Being a distributor for Smart Talk n Text. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 57,289 times. If you want to open a loading business in the Philippines, you have to consider the amount of capital you'll need to get started, and your location of the business.

how to start e-load business philippines

You can actually do this from your own home, or just put up a small stall in front of some schools or stores. Buy the necessary materials.

Start Your Own Mobile Phone Loading Business

A better start - a better preparation - better results. You will earn money in such a way that if you sell 10Php load, your account will be deducted less, according to the rebate percentage provided by Globe.

how to start e-load business philippines

A simple activation is required so you can access every telecom loading. You do not need a huge capital just to start a business because in e-loading, you can double and even triple your small capital in just few months.

How to Start a Loading Business in the Philippines

While the most business struggle to find markets to develop, with e-loading, the market is like a faucet where the pipe has burst open, and demand just keeps pouring out. The e-loading business does not ask much from you in terms of capital, as you would only need to start with a capital of about P500 — P1000 for the load balance and P800 for a simple mobile phone.

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how to start e-load business philippines

Based on market share , Globe is the larger one with 66. Nothing defines a bad day like getting caught in a scam.

how to start e-load business philippines

It is a very lucrative business to have in the Philippines and perfectly complements other businesses such as a sari sari store, carinderia, or computer shop. So, what do you guys say? There will always be unexpected things to come like large amounts of load someone needs to buy in a hurry?

How to Start Your Own E-Loading Business in the Philippines

It is estimated that there will be 33. Getting home later, I tried to use them to load my brother's number. You convert your cash to load, and you can use that load to send text messages and call. There are things that you should be reminded beforehand, in order to successfully start your own loading business. This means having a cellphone requires that you load it with credits.

What do I need to start such business?