How to shoot a match cut productions

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The Match Cut

What are your favorite classic examples? Skip to main content. That way, when the time comes for a viewer to really think about your film, and how it works, they won't be left clutching at straws. Tomorrow, we journey through outer space. When should you use one? Gomez's essay shows us several ways the technique has been be used.

how to shoot a match cut productions

Kubrick wants us to see the link: Match cuts—shots in which one image replaces a similarly shaped image from a preceding scene—are eye-catching and can add considerable zip to a film. The mind pops, finding possible associations where they might not have existed before. When the bone is tossed in the air, we can view that as both a sign of agitation caused by the gigantic black obelisk that has just landed in the primitives' midst if you're not following, because you haven't seen the movie...

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Anne Bancroft played Mrs. The bone in question has just been used as a rudimentary tool by one of the primitive humans who inhabit the opening of 2001.

how to shoot a match cut productions

Thus, we imply that the presence of intelligent life from other planets renders all minds, mature, and not so mature, equally fascinated. This sort of reaction is at the heart of Surrealism.

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Share in the comments. On the other hand, match cuts can serve various purposes. You've seen match cuts. This is a little trickier.

how to shoot a match cut productions