How to read calipers measurement

Vernier Caliper

How do I find the verniers divisions? Vernier Calipers. Did this article help you?

how to read calipers measurement

In this instance, this value is 27mm. In order to read the measurement readings from vernier caliper properly, you need to remember two things before we start.

how to read calipers measurement

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Before making a measurement, count the number of lines between two numbers on your Vernier scale. Finally, add those two numbers together to get your measurement. The sliding Vernier scale should have a label engraved on it to tell you what it represents. Read this just as you would a ruler, measuring to the zero mark on the sliding Vernier scale. D, Step and depth. On a metric vernier caliper, this will be given in millimetres mm.

how to read calipers measurement

The reading on a vernier caliper is a combination of the value shown on the main scale and the value indicated on the sliding vernier scale. Vernier Caliper 300mm 12in. You will need calipers or any measuring instrument with a vernier scale and an accuracy of 0. If you still do not understand the concept, please click the navigational buttons below to go to the next page. We've already taken our reading from the main scale; don't take another one.

How to read a metric vernier caliper

When taking a measurement, you should first read the value on the main scale. Step 3 - Add both values together To get your total reading, add both the value from the main scale and the value from the vernier scale together.

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how to read calipers measurement

To learn how to read the different scales on a Vernier caliper, keep reading! For example, if the main centimeter scale reads 0. The Vernier caliper can measure the inner diameter of an object, the outer diameter of an object, and the depth of an object.

how to read calipers measurement