How to make tarkari ka charts

Yesterday I tried potato curry recipe mam but those potatoes were very hard and not cooked so I boiled it for 25 mins and they were cooked.

Vitamin A 14. The first step is to actually populate an Excel spreadsheet with the data that you need.

Potato curry recipe | Aloo curry | How to make potato curry

If you do not do this, chances are your graphs will not show up right. Mix well. The same recipe can be used to make a dry potato curry or a potato gravy curry.

how to make tarkari ka charts

If this is the case, use an online CSV to Excel converter like the one here to generate the Excel file or open it in Excel and save the file with an Excel extension.

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Stir well. Sprinkle salt. Related Posts. It takes about 25 mins to cook potatoes once it is added to the gravy.. Indian cuisine is diverse and many dishes are prepared in regional styles. Thx u madam for wonderful recipe.

how to make tarkari ka charts

Share 2K. Sometimes if you do not assign the right data type to your columns in the first step, the graph may not show in a way that you want it to.

How to Make a Graph in Excel & Add Visuals to Your Reporting

Then fry everything until the raw smells goes away. Potato curry recipe Aloo curry. Hi Adraine You are welcome. Most project management solutions, like Workzone , have file sharing and some visualization capabilities built in. Dum Aloo Recipe …. Comparing and contrasting segments of the same set against one another is more difficult. You can also cook potato directly in the curry. This is especially true if you have imported the data from a third party application.

how to make tarkari ka charts

Cuisine Indian. Welcome Malleshwari Thanks a lot for trying the recipes. However if you do not have it just replace with a good flavorful curry powder or sambar powder. Jump to Recipe.