How to introduce someone in italian

I am here for a month.

how to introduce someone in italian

Marco is 1 year old. This is only an example about what can be talked about when you meet someone at a party.

how to introduce someone in italian

Informal situation 2 3. A smile and ciao is enough to get the ball rolling when you first encounter someone. When you meet a person for the first time, the most important thing to share first is your name. This is more informal but the response is an easy one! All Rights Reserved.

How to introduce yourself in Italian (my name is...)

Loro hanno tutti 21 anni. Try FluentU for Free. Well known for their passionate views and vivacious communicative style, Italians are all about connecting and conversation. Start the Countdown: Of course, just like at home the conversation can span from movies and music to your hobbies.

How to Introduce Yourself in Italian and Make a Great First Impression

It may even get you a friendly dinner date! Whta's your first name?

how to introduce someone in italian

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons. Here are some options for completing this phrase:. Nice to meet you!

how to introduce someone in italian

Houston, Texas. Meetings are valued, newcomers are heartily welcomed and first impressions mean a lot.