How to hit low draw

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Hit a low draw with a short iron

Set up to hit a straight drive. Here are three quick steps to master this shot. Normally you want half of the ball to be above the top of the driver head; for the low draw, you want only a third to a quarter of the ball above it. View Courses in Lancashire. The golf ball must start in one of three directions, straight toward the target, pushed to the right or pulled to the left.

Strike it clean from fairway bunkers.

how to hit low draw

It gives you an advantage when you must drive into the wind, since the low draw gets a lot of its distance after it hits the ground. View Courses in Northamptonshire. The ball will start out on a low flight just to the right of your target, draw back and bounce toward the spot where you want the ball to finish. For the most part, golf is a quite sport except for when...

how to hit low draw

View Courses in Northumberland. North Carolina native Mike Southern has been writing since 1979. Review green fees and other expenses not included in your golf holiday package. Ball position constantly changes depending on what type of club and type of shot is being played.

Mastering The Low Draw Punch – A Quick Golf Instruction

Position of the ball The position of your ball keeps changing and depends on the shot and club you are playing. At address, tilt your head to the right and feel your eyes point right of the target. For a driver, the position is from the inside part of your left foot and for short iron, it is the middle part of your stance. Read the latest issue of UK Club Golfer online.

How to Hit a Low Draw With Your Driver

Every amateur golfer hates hitting out of a green side bunker. View Courses in Lincolnshire. Striking out of a buried lie The secret to hitting long drives Pre-shot routine for pitching Resorts Equipment.

how to hit low draw

In a closed position, your body is placed slightly rightwards, so you can make your normal swing. Search for: This will close your stance, which means that a line drawn through your ankles will now point across your target line. A good grip is needed to play the shot.

how to hit low draw

Then push the tee down to lower the ball. But since you only moved the ball a little, you'll have time to get the driver face back square to the target line.