How to get tomes of knowledge gw2

They also took away the glory pvp vendors, and took them out of the reward tracks. Mo Mo. Old Forums Archive. Guild Wars 2 — Beginners Guide 19 Apr , 2017. It shows the small rewards as it fills the bar.

5 Tips on how to level faster in guild wars 2

You should also get some buff food for more experience. How to farm Tomes of Knowledge? Looks like its mostly daily logins and pvp though.

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how to get tomes of knowledge gw2

You used to be able to get them off the living story vendors but they are nowhere to be found in the silverwastes or drytop. I looked for this merchant and the only one I found was Sonder The Seller who sells 1 tome for 300 festival tokens. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Step 1: You should have reached level 22 and then you can re-enter the Personal Story.

how to get tomes of knowledge gw2

Sadly, I know of no real way to get them in PvE, save the daily login rewards. Click here for More Details Im okay with that.

Tome of Knowledge

Nevertheless, we would like to give you 5 tips in this guide to help you level faster. The first history instance starts with level 10. All the reward tracks have 8 tiers, so you get 8 tomes by finishing a reward track in sPvP.

how to get tomes of knowledge gw2

Crafting is a nice addition to the first tip and actually always worth it. As a complete newcomer, you will not have enough money to effectively level through it, but you can use the items you acquire while playing to make up for a bit of experience.

You have to have a rough idea of the map and should not give way to the commander.

how to get tomes of knowledge gw2

Do one match and look at the screen that pops up. There is a hidden merchant in Lion Arche, that will trade candy for tomes.

how to get tomes of knowledge gw2

The reward chest from the daily fractal the one for scale 1 — 10 or 11 — 20 etc.