How to design leather belts

Here I will publish my DIY creations, videos, tips and tricks, secrets of fixing stuff. Nice to see anyone that will carry on in my fathers footsteps!

How to Make a Leather Belt

Max showed me into his Williamsburg studio space, where the walls are lined with elaborate tools, sample belts, and product prototypes, and he proceeded to explain, step-by-step, everything I needed to know about leather, belts, and belt-making.

This method, however, can be tiring.

how to design leather belts

ALD3 4 years ago. The dye is absorbed into the leather almost instantly.

Among other things, this shape makes it easier to feed through belt loops. The more coats you apply the more even the color will appear. The holes should be placed about an inch apart.

There is usually a divot where the tongue hits the frameUsing quick rivets attach buckle. You want to bevel the edges of the leather just slightly — on the front grain side and back suede side of the belt. If there's something you'd like to see as a DIY project, you know what to do.

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Full Grain Leather Belts

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Co-Authored By:. Use your strap hole punch to cut out the longer holes.

Go slowly and make shallow cuts.

how to design leather belts

Tuck the thread tail into that loop. Creating a Weathered Bronze Faux Finish.

how to design leather belts

I love the one you made. Reply 5 years ago on Introduction. Do this because due to the nature of the foam brush and the rapid absorption of the dye by the leather, more dye is naturally applied at the start of each stroke than at the end.

how to design leather belts