How to clean wool rug odor

Related Posts. Wool rugs are made from animal fibers, which means that if the rug gets wet, it may smell like a sheep in the rain.

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How to Get Rid of the Smell From a Wet Wool Rug

Blot the area with cold water and a clean towel. Additionally, wool rug fibers can be damaged by aggressive forms of cleaning. This mixture works well on pet stains.

how to clean wool rug odor

Shake up the mixture and mist it very lightly all over the rug. Reduce the amount of direct sunlight that your rug sees. Article Info This article was co-authored by Michelle Driscoll.

Thank you. For older rugs and areas that have less traffic, vacuum once every couple of months. Allow one side to dry, then turn the rug over and repeat on the other side. Shrinkage, piling, and overall damage to the wool fibers can be a result of agitating the rug too much. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 23. Made Recently. So, in essence, any time you mix baking soda with water, you'll be able to cut down dirt or grease stains.

how to clean wool rug odor

Not only can they have intricate and beautiful designs, but their deeply woven fibers create a long lasting area rug for you and your family.

Beat against the rug with a broom to help shake it clean.

Removing Musty Smell From Wool Rugs

Cleaning wool is always best left to a professional, but if you want to clean it yourself, try to use as little moisture as possible. Open up some windows and put a fan on the rug to help it dry faster. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that helps neutralize mold and mildew.

how to clean wool rug odor

Let the wool fibers in your rug dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step. We bought 2 Persian rugs.

how to clean wool rug odor

You can also this by hand, although it is a lot easier to rent a shampoo cleaner from your local grocery store. This also works with musty smelling luggage, shoes, etc. Home and Garden Cleaning Carpet November 16, 2016. Warning Using a carpet shampooer on a wool rug can ruin the rug. Typically avoid dry powder cleaners, alkaline cleaners that contain soda ash, Oxy cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach to treat stains or clean wool rugs.