How to choose a carpet for office

We provide quality commercial carpets to the Central London and Edgware areas, providing the ideal flooring for your office environment.

how to choose a carpet for office

Do you need it to last 15 years or do you need it to last five years because you have a five-year lease? If you have any questions, chat with your technical consultant.

how to choose a carpet for office

If you have a square or rectangular office space and especially if it's one large, open space , all you need to do is measure the length and width of the area. By Jonathan Shirtcliffe. Calculate the budget you are willing to spend on your office carpet in order to find styles that fit within your boundaries.

Four things to consider when choosing an Office Carpet

It's a little more textured than Style and comes in eight neutral colours though each one has a bit of a twist. In general, the colour you choose should reflect a few different factors. Thompson, Molly. Accessed 27 February 2019. Your budget will be a major determinant of your final decision in at least three ways: Measuring Your Space for Carpet Tiles Measuring your office for carpet tiles is a lot easier than preparing for broadloom carpeting, but you still need to do more than guess at the number of square metres.

How about creating "work zones" within your office by strategically laying contrasting coloured carpet tiles.

How to Choose Office Carpet

Between high castor chair and flammability test results, this might be your number one choice. Carpet tiles are one of the most cost effective flooring options you have; so you will always find one that matches your budget. About the Author As a national security analyst for the U. Swatches can help at this point.

Tips for Choosing your Office Carpet

And, there are the colour options to match. Be more adventurous and you will be rewarded.

how to choose a carpet for office

Many buildings also have a specific look they want to achieve. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice. If you choose the wrong carpet, replacing it can be a significant expense. Determine what the desired carpet life is for the space.

Your Guide to Choosing Carpet