How to change spark plugs tacoma

how to change spark plugs tacoma

Then, Remove the coil: Make sure it comes up with the coil, and check to make sure it is seated propperly on the coil: Drive to the store, and get your self your favorite beverage.

Report Follow. Here is a "step-by-step" for changeing your spark plugs. Toyota has been doing this for eons, and I really cant confirm why they do this. Toyota Tacoma Experts.

How to remove a spark plug that won't come out of a toyota tacoma automatic v6 3.4l ?

The air bag ligh... Then, Remove the vent hose: Upload Photo Photo optional. Replace Limited-Slip Differential Oil. Rotate Tires. Hi, my engine recently blew up in my tacoma, and I'm thinking of removing the engine myself before having a new one put in by a mechanic, to cut down on the repair cost.

Then Remove: Your Answer: Its tight, But take your time...

how to change spark plugs tacoma

James answered 5 years ago. DavidH25 answered 6 years ago. Then, Remove the 10mm bolt holding the coil on the valve cover.

No new notifications! After the air intake and filter houseing are out of the way, You can access the coils. Gap your New Plugs. You only need a few hand tools to do this yourself: For the most part, they can be pushed out of the way.

how to change spark plugs tacoma