How to build a bearded dragon

Tried to get this pretty straight, bought myself a large drywall square to make sure. My shelf goes across the entire width of the enclosure and about half deep. Below is a photo of his current enclosure click on photo to enlarge it... Please take pic so I can see.

Can Bearded Dragons Be Kept in Homemade Enclosures?

My cats broke the glass of my bearded dragons den, in a high-speed chase, and I need to make it. Almost any finish is going to be safe for the inside of the enclosure once it has cured completely. When I finally attached it permanently, I glued it into place and then held it down for good with some screws.

how to build a bearded dragon

Some of the raw materials, four 4' x 4' sheets of birch plywood, two of which were cut in half for the sides, top, and bottom. Thanks for your time, Jack Minnesota. Reply 3 years ago on Introduction.

Bearded Dragon Enclosure

I've attached some pictures of mine. It turned out pretty nice. Thanks for posting all of those designs. I've attached a pic.

DIY build of bearded dragon enclosure

And I liked the rough texture the paint brush made in the grout. I don't think Insulation is really needed. You Are His Sunshine Bearded dragons bask in the sun to warm their bodies and in doing so also absorb ultraviolet light, which helps them to metabolize their dietary calcium.

how to build a bearded dragon

Nothing real special here, they are just screwed in to the bottom and back panel. In this step by step, I am dis-assembling the old one and using that material to make a smaller enclosure about half size. My 2 dragons are inside all year, it can get fairly cold here sometimes ;-.

how to build a bearded dragon

Holes finished, rear vents installed. Then simply slide each Plexiglas panel in different grooves. They have not failed me yet, and I've since expanded my Ryobi selection considerably.

how to build a bearded dragon

Top piece resting on the viv, I made sure that I'd gotten it as close to square as I could manage. Once this is done I sanded any sharp corners inside the enclosure and vacuumed the inside.

How to Build Your Own Vivarium for Bearded Dragons

Thanks for the idea!! SlickSqueegie Bricks616 Reply 5 years ago on Introduction.

how to build a bearded dragon

After these are cut to the same width, I screwed them together. All Rights Reserved. I present Hermes, the little guy whose mom decided that he needed a better home than off-the-shelf enclosures.