How to block like serge ibaka keri

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how to block like serge ibaka keri

Earlier this year Hilson,30, confirmed a split from 24-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder forward Ibaka when she spoke about music being her boyfriend to thejasminebrand. However, it seems the off-and-on again pair are back together.

Serge Ibaka's Girlfriend Keri Hilson: "I needed to do anything I could to put a smile on his face"

The singer credited her romantic union with the Thunder power forward along with a strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ. Brian 'Head' Welch reveals what Jesus told him about his rock star appearance.

South Africa: Trump has been led to Christ 'so many times' Church leadership: Controversial pastor under fire after 'raising man back from the dead' at funeral. Stop putting limits on who I am and what I do. While Hilson said she has kept up appearances of being happy for years, she admitted that was not always the case.

What Keri Hilson Learned About Love After Her Breakup From Ex Boyfriend Serge Ibaka

That's just been a testament to the fact that people can really see your aura. You've got to trust me. I also felt like God is a comedian, for real. Ibaka took to his Instagram page to let the world know, when posting a picture of he and Hilson hugging on a basketball court.

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Last year Hilson admitted that she has been getting compliments from others who have noticed that her appearance seems to be glowing. Keri Hilson, the singer-songwriter, seems to have reunited with her off-and-on again boyfriend and NBA player Serge Ibaka. How churches can maximize 'untapped potential' of women All 6 Democratic presidential candidates vote for infanticide 3 components in my daily time with God Population bust, not population bomb.

how to block like serge ibaka keri

Although Hilson revealed that her relationship with Ibaka has positively impacted her life, she said that it came only after she decided to submit to Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow explains why his new movie isn't a 'cookie cutter' Christian film. Most Popular The void: I don't know what's changed," Hilson said in a previous Global Grind report. Jim Bakker:

how to block like serge ibaka keri