How did wisconsin get its flag

In the distance is a level prairie, skirted, on the horizon, by a range of woodland, and having on the left a Lighthouse and School Building, and in the centre the State-house of Wisconsin. Section 1.

how did wisconsin get its flag

State Flag. The state flag of Wisconsin also features the US motto, therefore demonstrating its loyalty to the Union. The cornucopia stands for prosperity and abundance, while the pyramid of thirteen lead ingots represents the mineral wealth of the states, as well as the original thirteen US states. Both state name and year were ordered to be written in white condensed Gothic lettering.

how did wisconsin get its flag

He says the flags of New Mexico and Maryland are praised for their designs because of simplicity. State Rock. Greenwood Press; 3 Sub edition October 30, 2001. The two great lakes that border the State—Lakes Michigan and Superior, have their representations; on one of which is seen a sloop, and on the other a steamboat—and on the shore an Indian pointing towards the latter.

Flag of Wisconsin

Reprint Services Corp; Revised edition June 1971. It's simple and clean; it has that lone star. Chapter 111, Laws of 1913 specifying a dark blue flag with the state coat of arms centered on each side, evolved into Chapter 1, section 1.

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how did wisconsin get its flag

Actually the majority of state flags are the state seal slapped into the middle of a piece of cloth. The Wisconsin state flag really is a pretty bad flag Lots of state flags are ugly. State Fruit.

The Wisconsin State Flag

State Flower. State Capital. Vexillology, obviously, is the science of flags.