How are whale sharks endangered

Personally, Thon wished to push for more stringent listing of the animal to ensure they would be better protected.

how are whale sharks endangered

The coral spawning of the area's Ningaloo Reef provides the whale shark with an abundant supply of plankton. What WWF Is Doing A WWF-supported ecotourism project that focuses on swimming with whale sharks while following strict rules to avoid disturbing the animals has brought a flourishing tourism industry to Donsol, an island town in the Philippines.

Whale Sharks Are Close to Extinction Because of “Growing Human Pressures”

Female whale sharks can have up to 300 shark pups at one time. Whale Shark Facts.

how are whale sharks endangered

How You Can Help. WWF experts continue to study shark habits and gather information in the Coral Triangle on individual sharks by using satellite tags, sonar devices and digital cameras.

Donsol Bay, Philippines, attracts huge numbers of whale sharks because of the high levels of plankton found in its water. Their genetic results indicate that two major subpopulations exist, in the Atlantic Ocean and Indo-Pacific, respectively. Whale sharks are found in tropical and warm temperate oceans, including the South Atlantic, South Pacific, and Indian Ocean.

Whale Shark

Although massive, whale sharks are docile fish and sometimes allow swimmers to hitch a ride. Whale sharks, still, have been under threat, often being hit by boats, contaminated by microplastic, or fished inadvertently or by-catching. They also managed to push for their inclusion on a fishery prohibition ban list of the Fisheries Department.

how are whale sharks endangered

Whale sharks are still commercially hunted in some areas of the world, and since their population is unknown, this hunting could potentially represent a serious threat.

Endangered Facing a high risk of extinction in the Wild. Nobody has seen it since, despite the joint effort to locate it, nor has anyone managed to confirm whether the creature is dead — or alive. Adults are often found feeding at the surface, but may dive to 1000m.

Whale Shark Facts

In the Philippines, WWF has identified 458 individual whale sharks since 2007. One of the biggest threats to marine life is waste especially plastics being dumped into the ocean at an alarming rate.

how are whale sharks endangered

Its two dorsal fins are set rearward on its body, which ends in a large dual-lobbed caudal fin or tail. However, large numbers of whale sharks often gather in areas with abundant plankton food—making them prime tourist attractions. It was last Friday when a group of divers encountered a trawler near Racha Yai island off the Phuket coast.