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REG 16 BUCS Points, Medals and Trophies

In an innings of 50 overs, these are overs 1 to 10 inclusive. RealWinter Krasnoyarsk2019 Universiade nn??: BUCSsport 22-Feb-2019 19: BUCSsport 22-Feb-2019 19: And so is our Curling preview! For the avoidance of doubt this applies even if the interruption has occurred mid-over. Any offside or legside delivery which in the opinion of the umpire does not give the batter a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide. A short pitched ball is defined as one that passed or would have passed above shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease.

However, the use of buggies remains forbidden with the exception of certified medical exemption. NET 3. The fielding circle should be marked by painted white dots at 5 yard intervals, each dot to be covered by a white plastic or rubber but not metal disc measuring seven inches in diameter. Please note: GOL 14.

CRI 7. At the instant of delivery: Requests must be submitted and approved by the BUCS office in advance of any fixtures being played by the non-ranked player. Teams failing to field 3 players must concede a walkover.

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These additional teams will always play at a level of the Championships below that of their joint MCCU team. During Stroke Play Championships, the above shall form the Tournament Committee in governance of the set event. CRI 8 Conditions of play All matters of fitness of ground, weather and light are entirely for the umpires to determine.

If 10 or more holes are closed the match should not start.

REG 11 Result Entry

The team winning the majority of rubbers shall be the match winners. In these circumstances, both teams would be required to have a qualified umpire present to oversee the bowl out in two separate locations with the 2 institutions concerned. Failure to book the minimum prescribed above will result in the home team forfeiting any rubbers not completed should the match not be finished.