How a tesla turbine works ltd

The indications of this device are very accurate and have shown that when the turbine is running at 9,000 revolutions under an inlet pressure of 125 pounds to the square inch, and with free exhaust, 200 brake horse-power are developed. The bladeless pump can pump boiling water without cavitation without loosing its prime.

The Tesla Turbine

Something that takes relatively little space, and i am wondering if the efficiency of the system would be higher then that of piston driving ones used today...

When the injected steam passes through the shock waves, almost instantaneous pressure and temperature rises occur. Why hasn't it become as ubiquitous as Tesla's other masterpiece, AC power transmission? However, the first men who successfully flew an aircraft used the reciprocating internal combustion engine.

So, to wrap up this rather lengthy comment... Interestingly, using the word "turbine" to describe Tesla's invention seems a bit misleading. He believed that the turbine would not only have higher efficiencies, but also lower production costs than other turbines.

How the Tesla Turbine Works

In this variant a tubular boundary-layer turbine , a very large surface area interacts with the vortex which swirls in between the spaces annuli of several concentric tubes. These, however, are the disadvantages and criticisms I've seen leveled at Tesla's design and the Tesla turbine in general:.

how a tesla turbine works ltd

As such, minimal development would be necessary to make it a viable power source. Warren Rice, an Emeritus professor at Arizona State University, has done extensive work on the Tesla turbine and stated several problems with the turbine.

Nikola Tesla's Revolutionary Turbine Still Lies Untouched, Here's How It Works

This increased density increases the skin friction between the fluid and the discs. Nearby is a bladeless waterwheel turbine of Tesla's design. The outer largest diameter annulus may taper to a small diameter at the votex entry point, where the injection nozzle would be located steam would be injected tangentially, with a small axial component. A stream of fluid air, water, etc...

The electric motor that drives this pump will not operate when the temperature engine indicates that it is not required. I was wondering if adding more similarly sized discs might help to increase torque so long as they are supplied by additional and sufficient amounts of air.

how a tesla turbine works ltd

Chattopadhyay, D. Most people remember Nikola Tesla for his work and revelations in the field of electrical energy and the invention of radio.

There must also be a move forward for the many misinformed environmentalists who see our future as one of regression from technology instead of its proper usage.

how a tesla turbine works ltd

The consumption under these conditions of maximum output is 38 pounds of saturated steam per horse-power per hour - a very high efficiency when we consider that the heat-drop, measured by thermometers, is only 130 B. The dominant term in the mathematical equation of boundary layer drag friction, is the velocity-squared factor.

how a tesla turbine works ltd