Hottest newswomen in connecticut how old

Ranking CT Newswomen's Hotness? Not Cool

Jamie Shupak. Women have worked so hard to have a place in the boardroom … to have a respected voice in corporate America. The poll is being run by a website, ctboom.

hottest newswomen in connecticut how old

She is also the 1 most followed local news anchor on twitter. Let's go forward, not backward.

hottest newswomen in connecticut how old

Photo credit: Let's be bold, not demure. We are working to restore service. Martin Grossinger.

hottest newswomen in connecticut how old

It does. It's an online poll, asking the public to rank a selected list of 24 female on-air personalities, based on their "hotness," using a "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" button next to their smiling images.

Courtney Zieller Wins CT Boom’s Hottest Newswoman 2016

Share Tweet. Are we teaching our daughters that their faces and bodies are their most important attribute in the work world? To quote Jamie Shupak, our 2 choice and the person who nominated Bob: Let's say our work matters more than our lipstick shade.

Let's say age is good, not something to be feared. Come on. And yet, according to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, the "gender wage gap in the United States has not seen significant improvements in recent years and remains a reality for women across racial and ethnic groups. View on TheGrossinger.

hottest newswomen in connecticut how old

The poll rating newswomen is, apparently, intended to be harmless fun.