Head shops bongs pipes wholesale

Call or Text: We purchase in large quantities, and stock all products in our Denver warehouse. Our glass pipes, and bongs, can easily be cleaned with many different pipe cleaning products. Obviously not everyone lives in Denver, Colorado.

head shops bongs pipes wholesale

Subscribe join our Mailing list to get latest updates. Dabbing is an efficient way for many people to smoke concentrates.

head shops bongs pipes wholesale

Being in business since 2003 we have solidified many relationships with our glass manufacturers. It's a fast process, and we see a lot of customers use this service to purchase higher priced vaporizers , and bongs so they can enjoy them now, and pay later.

10" Beaker Bong

Discreet Packaging Obviously not everyone lives in Denver, Colorado. Must Provide Business Sales Tax permit!

head shops bongs pipes wholesale

These shelves are full of products that did not pass our quality control to be able to be sold on our online headshop. Some would say we are in the epicenter of the legal cannabis industry.

Added to cart translation missing: You can't go to your local smoke shop and finance a new dab rig. Add to Cart. Low Prices Traditionally brick and mortar head shops are known to have high prices. Add to Cart.

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Double round based with neck bend glass bong - RB124 Rs. Many of our customers keep coming back and ordering from us again and again.

Free Shipping We ship all US orders for free. Being located in Denver Colorado allows us to stay at the forefront of the dabbing culture. Be the life of the gathering with a madly looking cool bongs from R3 Wholesale!