First street rod tpi how to

It controls only fuel, so a separate ignition system will be required.

first street rod tpi how to

Cleaning and flow testing them with an ASNU system such as this one at Westech is a really good idea. What we discovered is that all of the heads we tested were worth no less than an average of 25 lb-ft increase in torque over stock heads. Replacing one is cheap engine insurance.

Time To TPI

Your next decision is the source of the TPI componentry. Subscribe today and save.

first street rod tpi how to

This is true for any late-model engine: Box 1169 Mena, AR 71953 501-394-5711. On the non—catalytic convertor front, things are easier.

first street rod tpi how to

With the engine running and with an electrical load headlights on bright, for example , check the voltage at the alternator output and then at the battery. GM revised the TPI plenums as well. We say simulate because we already had half the needed parts lying around the shop, so it seemed like a good idea. Get Latest News and Articles.

O numbers.

first street rod tpi how to

Connect With Us. Most factory TPI cams run about 205 degrees of intake duration on a 116-degree lobe-separation angle.

first street rod tpi how to

We strongly recommend these sources. The factory fuel rails are more than adequate for over 500 hp and can be swapped from any '85-'92 TPI-equipped vehicle.

Crew Cab Chevelle On Nitrous! Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Lower resistance is better, but avoid wires with 30,000 ohms or more.

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But they often incur higher installation costs and suffer from reduced ground clearance. Check out the accessories we put on a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS! Dang, a grand!