Extra long strike anywhere matches

Strike Anywhere Matches

MurrayC883 9 years ago. Did lawmakers become aware of this and outlaw the matches as a result? BruceB115 goalkeeper Reply 3 months ago. Feb-26 06: However, strike anywhere matches still appear to be legal to manufacture and sell. I emailed Jarden Home Brands, the maker of Diamond Greenlight Strike Anywhere Matches , and — despite me asking them directly — they made no mention of strike anywhere matches being outlawed anywhere in the US.

extra long strike anywhere matches

Carbonized match stick for safer fire starting. Kitchen, Camping, Hunting.

Why Have So Many Strike Anywhere Matches Been Discontinued?

Once the matches become profitable to make and sell again, they might find there way back to store shelves. An interesting twist on this theory is that the matches were banned not because they were hazardous material, but for another reason altogether. Gift Ideas. That brings back some memories. These strike anywhere matches can not be found anywhere and are no longer manufactured. Made of Cryst...

extra long strike anywhere matches

They had the kitchen ones and the penny ones. I live in peoria, Arizona, and I just went to albertsons and bought some. Supposedly thicker they aren't , supposedly strike easier, they don't , I can't figure out who came up with these....

Either way, strike anywhere matches are far more versatile than safety matches and are typically used for survival purposes, although the conditions and circumstances that they are used under differ.

I hear you, especially the new 'greenlight' matches.

extra long strike anywhere matches

Alex Beale.