Doctor who story 563

He is a being of mystery and should stay that way. New incarnations of the Master or the Doctor!

doctor who story 563

If you are going to include a parallel universe in the plot, you should make sure that you work out the boundaries and stick to them. Contact details Please send all correspondence to: Please remember that many of the aliens featured throughout the series were created by scriptwriters and remain their copyright.

doctor who story 563

These are Doctor Who books, and the Doctor is the person the readers are most interested in. Please note that we are not currently considering any non-fiction, illustrated or short story proposals. At present we publish two novels a month except December , one featuring the Eighth Doctor, and one featuring a previous incarnation. Each novel is around 80,000-85,000 words in length around 288 pages in printed paperback form.

doctor who story 563

Explaining the ancestry of the Doctor. Our objective is to create a series of books that will appeal both to the new generation of fans brought to the property by the Eighth Doctor and the loyal readership which that has supported Doctor Who over the years. Please don't do this. The reader needs to wonder how the characters are going to get out of the sticky situation and whether they're going to do it in time. If the plot is either too simple or too complicated, the reader will lose interest.

If you are creating a new adversary, make sure that it is a well-rounded character or alien race with clear aims.

If you are reusing former companions from the TV, they should also remain true to their TV personae. If you wish us to acknowledge receipt of your proposal, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard. The target audience for Doctor Who books is young adults from fifteen years old and up.

The Television Companion by David J.

Guidelines for writing BBC Books

Contact Us. Again, these have formed the basis of some excellent novels, but can be difficult to sustain. You will need to bring out your players' characters, without inserting long character sketches. Things to avoid Other things you should try to avoid, which are common mistakes in synopses sent to us:.

The First Doctor

Too much reliance on coincidence. And talking of which... So it is important that you read, understand, and adhere to them.