Cf 18 in ukraine who travels

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cf 18 in ukraine who travels

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Canadian jets Europe-bound on Tuesday amid Ukraine tensions

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cf 18 in ukraine who travels

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Canada sending jets to eastern Europe in response to Ukraine crisis

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CF-18 Hornet Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft

What do you think about our new website? Maximum Take-Off Weight 23,400kg. Get daily local headlines and alerts. The Boeing CF-18 Hornet military designation: April 29, 2014 4: The Canadian fighter jets will join warplanes from the United States, Britain, Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Germany, which will be deploying in waves between now and the fall.

cf 18 in ukraine who travels

NATO is responding to growing violence in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian activists are taking hold of government and media buildings, declaring independence and demanding referendums to join Russia.

The aircraft entered service in January 1983.

cf 18 in ukraine who travels