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It simplifies e-publishing for us. The Frugal Editor Named! Carolyn wrote: Carolyn and 1 other person liked W.

books by carolyn howard johnson

Keep writing, Carolyn. Tony N.

books by carolyn howard johnson

I will continue to dream of you. Shadonna wrote: Sisters in Crime, Pasadena, 2009.

Reviews trip authors up because they want them so bad they are sitting ducks for scam artists. You can even store the books on the Amazon cloud. Get instant access to our database of the best free literary contests — subscribe to our free newsletter One of the Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers. Sue Canfield says: It appears I'm getting very few alerts of messages I get from my fellows at goodreads.

The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson was interviewed by Jo Lindsell. Share 48. Add an event. Carolyn's Awards.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson Average rating: Sep 25, 2012 03: Buy them for gifts. Jo Linsdell - Founder and Organiser Email: Presenter, 2008, 09, 10, ll. I am so appreciative of the smart women who made my membership in the Nonfiction Writers Association possible! Find Carolyn on Pinterest. If you own my award winning book, TheFrugalBookPromoter, https: Name required.

books by carolyn howard johnson

You have shared so much information that my review of it mi...