Ben howard the wolf

This is where our renewal will begin.

"The Wolves" lyrics

More Ben Howard Lyrics. The biggest question is what are 'the wolves', here is my suggestion: Until you stop hiding from the news and more people awaken each day! User does not exist. We have been fighting "the wolves", but we need your help!

ben howard the wolf

No Replies Log in to reply. I think he is mad at God, and maybe just coming to the realization of how cruel and violent the world is, and wondering how a God that is supposed to love us allows these atrocious things to happen in a world he created, and about losing faith in humanity as well. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. I've always loved this song but the idea of this song being written about these ideas have just now hit me.

I don't necessarily agree with your interpretation, but it is nonetheless one valid perception.

ben howard the wolf

I could be wrong. General Comment It's talking a lot about finding his soul and coming to a realization with what reality really is.

Ben Howard - The Wolves Lyrics

Is Ben Howard from a Christian family?? Where've you been hiding from the news? So here they are: So there you have it! Uknowwhoiam nailed it - its the type of thing that, if you understand what Howard understands, it just clicks and seems so obvious; if you can't get on his level, you will probably think of this in a religious way or something silly like that.

General Comment There is a very good post discussing this song here bywayofbeauty.

ben howard the wolf

These two lines however could also possibly be paraphrasing what was said to him in the past- referring to someone who asked him such questions; condemning him street preachers or a parent maybe? Log in.

Ben Howard - The Wolves (Live)

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